“The wise proclaim that love is the only path,
love is the only God, and love is the only scripture.
I am in fact a pilgrim on the path of love.”
  ~Swami Kripalu


 I began practicing yoga and meditation over twenty years ago while training as an athlete in Boston. I emerged from my first yoga class, at the Adult Education Center in Cambridge, so vibrant, alive, and energized yet very calm. Everything seemed clearer and brighter. 
I have been studying, practicing and sharing yoga and meditation ever since, honing in on the most transformative practices.

My intention is to elevate our consciousness, connection, and build our capacity for healing, and sensation.  The benefits of practice include: releasing blocks that keep us stuck in our patterns of suffering, raising energy and awareness, strengthening the body, enhancing the immune, circulatory, glandular, and nervous systems, and increasing awareness and developing inner peace.

Having received my initial teaching certification from the Kripalu School of Yoga, I obtained advanced certifications in Thai, Hatha and Kundalini Yoga.  A lifelong student, I also received a BA and MBA from Boston University.  Recently, I returned from India, where I immersed myself in the yogic and meditative tradition, bringing back new perspectives to my students.

I taught seminars while coaching at MIT, ran a non-profit organization, and co-managed a gubernatorial campaign.  I coached high performance athletes and was a nationally ranked rower. I have walked the Knife’s Edge of Mount Katahdin, and officiated at several weddings.


I have come to realize there is a Divine order to things, and our work in each lifetime is to move towards this natural order which surrounds us all the time. Yoga and meditation are tools for realigning our consciousness with this reality; through the body, mind, breath, and heart we may regain awareness and align with our own Divinity.

 I am committed to exploring the vast reaches of our consciousness and our capacity to love ourselves and each other. This is how we will rescue ourselves from our own suffering and create a better world.