Your ultimate desire is a desire that uplifts you,
your spirit and your consciousness. 
It is a love of self and grace.    ~ Yogi Bhajan

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years to enhance our lives and free us of our suffering and disease. The regular practice of yoga will increase our sense of aliveness and well-being. Therapeutic Yoga has been shown to help relieve the pain caused by injury, over-use and traumatic events.
Yoga is designed to calm the mind and open the heart; it can help modulate your emotions, thus assisting in relieving stress and anxiety.

Some of the Techniques and Methods of
Healing Yoga include:


   Exploring yoga theory and philosophy
   as it applies to


   Exploring postures


   Yogic breathing



Yoga Nidra

  Guided release of blocks and setting intentions

Partner Yoga

  The yoga of friendship and relationship

Most Yoga Therapy sessions take place
in a private studio or at the client’s location
and last 60 to 90 minutes.