Yoga is the calming of the mind, thus
the seer may abide in their own true nature.  ~ Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras


“Silence is the language of God.
All else is poor translation.”

~Jalaluddin Rumi


All great teachers and teachings eventually come to

this: Go in! Calm the mind. Watch, Observe, Listen.
Allow the truth of your existence to become self-evident.


Meditation is the greatest gift humanity has given

to itself. Through meditation we can be happy, free of suffering, aligned with our purpose, and truly at peace with ourselves and the world as it is.


Most of us spend much of our time running around trying to get the outside world to cooperate with our mind’s idea of what is supposed to be happening. For many, this is a crazy, stress making reality, for which there appears no end!  Meditation breaks this cycle of suffering at its source; the mind, which has misidentified the self with an external reality.  Meditation brings us back, back to our true-self. We are the Divine witness of all that is happening.


Who we are is independent of our roles and responsibilities, our status, our stuff, even our bodies. We are the witness of all that is happening.  From this place of awareness we experience great freedom, peace, insight and joy.


There are hundreds of types of meditation: sitting, walking, lying down, breathing, singing, chanting, mantras, mudras, malas, candles, deities, mandalas...
All designed to quiet the mind
and grant you an experience of your true-self.  The more you practice the easier it becomes, the longer you can stay in this sacred place and more lasting its affects.

Some of the benefits of Meditation include:

Lower stress and anxiety

Increase clarity and focus

Less attachment to random thoughts

Manage and release pain and trauma

Release good hormones; Serotonin, Melatonin, GABA

Thicken the prefrontal cortex, used for decision making

Relax and sleep more easily

Empower intentions to align with your purpose


Meditation can be taught and instructed one-to-one in private sessions, in small groups or to dozens of people at a time.