Private Sessions:

Yoga, Meditation, Thai Massage

Coaching and Counseling

$110  for 60 minutes

$135   for 75 minutes

$150  for 90 minutes

Bundle your sessions for
a considerable discount

One-to-One, private sessions are an effective way to grow and deepen your personal practice.   Each session is tailored to you, or a specific client group, and offers a unique opportunity to hone in on your specific goals and receive personalized instruction.

Benefits include: Increased joy, sense of well-being, peace and serenity.  Increased flexibility; physically, mentally and emotionally.  Enhanced ability to relax in all situations.
The ability to concentrate and see things more clearly.
A noticeable aliveness and presence in your daily life.

You, your life, and circumstances are unique, and so will be your path to well-being.  We’ll find the right combination of yoga, thai yoga, and meditation  for you to deepen your personal practice and achieve your goals.  ShaktiAnanda offers a convenient scheduling tool and a variety of payment methods.