"The relationship of our consciousness to the Infinite is the one fundamental requirements of life and the aim of all yoga."   ~Yogi Bhajan


Founded by Greg Barringer in 2014, ShaktiAnada is dedicated to the exploration of energy and higher states of consciousness.


Shakti is the Universal life force that is within all beings.


Ananda is the Divine state of consciousness, beyond duality.


ShaktiAnanda brings the feminine and the masculine together, the yin and the yang, the tangible and intangible, the present and the timeless. It encompasses all of life, death, rebirth, joy, sadness, ecstasy and despair. It is able to hold all and be with all in peace and equanimity.


All of us are energy beings. We are constantly vibrating, evolving, changing. Each cell of our body is made up of molecules, each energy, vibrating, changing. Our thoughts are also energy; influencing our awareness, creating our emotions and our reality.


ShaktiAnanda is exploring the nuances of energy around us and within us. Exploring the quality of energy we put into our bodies, minds and surroundings, and how this affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The quality of this experience subsequently affects the quality of our entire life. Essentially, the higher the quality of energy we receive, the higher the state of our consciousness; the higher the state of consciousness, the higher the quality of life we create for ourselves and those around us.


ShaktiAnanda is dedicated to sharing and utilizing the techniques of yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices. We are committed to exploring and experimenting with new ideas and methods; integrating them, while honoring the time-tested traditions. Never have so many spiritual traditions and practices been so widely available. Combined with incredible advances in science, health and wellness, this is a unique time in human history. Amazing and wonderful opportunities to move beyond our fears and insecurities, transcend our egos, create loving relationships and serve humanity are here now.