Dearly Beloved...

July 15, 2014

On the Fourth of July, I officiated a lovely wedding in Newtown CT. It was the first time I held such space in nearly seven years. It was an honor and privilege to be uniting this young couple in matrimony.  Near the end of the ceremony, as I read the line above, "May the love..."  I started to get choked-up. I looked up and noticed the bride, the groom, and many in the audience, flush in the face with tears in their eyes. What is this? What makes us cry at weddings?

First, from where does the ceremony emanate? How does it begin? "Dearly beloved..."  Who says this? Who am I to say," Dearly beloved"? Most of these people I had never met before. I stood there essentially as a conduit for the Divine.  By stating Dearly Beloved, I was invoking the sacred. Doing so taps into our deepest desire, to be known and loved beyond reproach.  Right away we begin to relax; our heart and mind begin to open to the possibility of Divine awareness.


Second, the bride is wearing white, the groom's in white, I'm in white. White energy is permeating all around us, creating an aura, raising our energies and projecting a protective field. On a subtle, energetic level we allow ourselves to open more. The love emanating from the couple and their immediate family is palpable. They are at their very best; holding all our hopes and dreams, in this moment.


Finally, I notice the ones who are really crying, really letting go, are the experienced women. They know something else. They know of the inevitable sorrows and disappointments which will be met along the way. They know how committed relationships test us, expose our fears and insecurities; how marriage is a crucible in which we shall do our most sacred work; evolve, metamorphose into the person we are meant to be; relinquish our ego and serve God in the form of partner and family. This will be excruciatingly hard work at times as well as joyously fulfilling.

It is all there, the full range of human experience, wrapped into a twenty minute ceremony. It is beautiful, scary, humbling and overwhelming all at the same time. May we all have these kind of moments, everyday.


Be well Dearly Beloved,


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