Be Like Water

January 9, 2015

We’ve all had these experiences: we’re home for the holidays, enjoying the company of family and friends, when all of a sudden something starts to unfold that irritates us. Something happens, with someone usually, that is not what we want, like or expect. Family and the holidays tend to exacerbate these feelings, as our models of the universe are on hyper-drive, ever vigilant for discrepancies.

I had one of these experiences on my recent trip to Maine. As it unfolded I started to feel my anxiety rise. Then, all of a sudden, I received a vision of a wide expansive river. There is a beautiful river running through my hometown, the Kennebec River.  It is a great river with a storied history of logging, commerce and recreation that winds its way from Moosehead Lake to the Maine coast. Just before it re-enters the Atlantic it widens, merging with the Androscoggin River in the expansive Merrymeeting Bay.

“Be like water.” I heard myself saying.  Be calm, patient and present. Be accepting, strong and malleable.  Be inviting, supportive and nourishing. Be clear, cleansing and embracing. Yield, envelop, and bring everything without effort back to the source. I found this image so comforting. It allowed me to honor myself, stay present to those I love, and enjoy our brief time together.

I have found it helpful being back in Connecticut too. Everyday a little trespass arrises, from within myself or another. Can I remain like water, allowing all to come and go?  It’s not always easy, but like the great Kennebec, it’s a beautiful way to be.

May you have a beautiful and wonderful new year.


Love Always, Greg


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