Where are all the Men?

January 24, 2015

 This past weekend I taught a workshop at Yoga for Everybody called Heart-break to Heart-
warrior.  It went well, I thought. We did a lot of practices both physical and meditative, to open
our hearts, burn through some of our illusions and blocks, and let go of our past and
obsessions. It was reasonably well attended, sixteen people… No men (yours truly being the
exception).  Near the end of our time together, one of the women asked, “Where are all the
men?” To which I, honestly, did not have a good answer.

It is confusing and ironic to me that a practice that has served humanity for thousands of years,
was invented by and for men, is becoming more and more predominated by women, especially
when it comes to the deeper practices of exploring our emotions, illusions and suffering.  I have
said to men, “We’re already less evolved. Women are now doing spiritual practices in droves.
This does not bode well for the gap between us!”

So, I would like your help. First, why aren’t more men coming to practice yoga and meditation?
Especially in regards to exploring the deeper practices of self-reflection and observation? And
two, how can we get them to come, see and experience observation, vulnerability, and
presence as a great strength?

I genuinely feel this mission is of great importance! Women’s economic independence was the
greatest sociological phenomena of the 20th century. Let us make the 21st century one of
exploring how our relationships may become the vehicle for our transformation to Divine
consciousness.  For this to happen we need both genders to participate!

With love and peace and light.



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