Courage and Love

February 27, 2015


I write to you on the eve of my departure for Mexico. While I am incredibly excited and grateful, I am also nervous; a foreign country, foreign language, and fifteen souls traveling alongside me, hoping I share with them something worthwhile.  I know it will be fine, and believe it will be wonderful, but I think it's ok to feel a bit nervous. It's a sense of aliveness, of leaning into the unknown and trusting that something worthwhile is on the other side.


Most spiritual practices are surrender practices; surrendering into the unknown, surrendering the fallacy of security and predictability. The fact is, we don't know what is going to happen. When we begin to embrace this truth we begin to realize that our best course is to become very present and follow our bliss, that which brings us light and opens our heart at the deepest level. As the Buddha once said, "Be quiet. Be loving. Be fearless."


John O'Donohue's great poem, For a New Beginning, takes us through this process of seeing, realizing, surrendering, and then opening to new possibilities. I wish us all courage, to lean into our fears, to let go our trespasses, and open our hearts to love, for a new beginning.

With love and blessings




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