So Grateful

March 24, 2015


I have recently returned from Mexico!

 As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I was nervous about it; nervous about taking all these people to a foreign land and guiding them on a yoga and meditation journey into themselves. Well, I am so glad I leaned into my fear. It was a remarkable adventure. Several people said it was one of the best weeks of their lives!


Not only was it incredibly beautiful (pictures will be forthcoming), but we were really able to dive into the practices of yoga, meditation and introspection. It is amazing what happens when we begin to pull back the layers of our consciousness. It is incredibly beautiful, scary, vulnerable, heart-warming, gut wrenching and intense, all at once!  But through it all a deep sense of peace, gratitude and well-being begins to emerge.


I returned to Connecticut and taught my first class at the Y about a week after the end of the retreat. Two of the retreat participants were seated in the front row.  As our eyes met, we began to well up, nearly crying. Without saying anything we knew we had shared something together, something profound and meaningful, beyond words.


I am so grateful; so grateful the Universe conspired to make the retreat possible; so grateful to all the participants who entrusted me with their journey; grateful to the gracious people in Mexico who helped us on our way; and deeply grateful for all the teachers who have come before and blessed me and all of us with their gifts.


Many many blessings to us all.




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