Chastity to Charity

June 13, 2015


A friend recently shared with me a beautiful documentary video, God is the bigger Elvis. It depicts the story of Dolores Hart, a beautiful woman who forsook all the trappings, which many of us find dear, to devote herself to God and becoming a nun. Ms Hart was an amazing young woman, experiencing a meteoric rise in her career as an actress, staring in films with Montgomery Clift, Robert Wagner and Elvis. She was engaged to be married to a fine man, who loved her deeply (and still does to this day).  She was unhappy, however, and felt a strong calling to something more meaningful, something greater.  After a couple visits to an abbey in Connecticut she left Los Angeles and her amazing life there to devote herself to God and the monastery.


It is a wonderful story and I am quite moved by it. I am truly inspired by how Mother Dolores remains so connected to the world, loving so deeply and genuinely, and at the same time turns that love, time and time again, to God and the service of others. I love how she and the order do not reject anything, including their own sexuality, turning their creative energies back to the divine and serving others.  This is, as the nuns describe, incredibly difficult at times, and yet it is the source of tremendous beauty and purification.


It is the path of Love: Following the path of God, loving all through the fire and the challenge; finding peace through simplicity, patience and compassion; going beyond loving objects and individuals to becoming a beacon of love.


I'm not suggesting we all renunciate and take up monastic life; but we may be inspired and notice, how in our own life are we are pushing away the divine or embracing it?


With the greatest love and peace



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