In Memory

October 30, 2015



On September 27 Lisa Infante was in her home in Shelton CT with two of her four children. Her husband Tom was also home. Lisa had recently let Tom know she wanted a divorce.  Their relationship had been a struggle for quite some time, and it had come time to separate. That Sunday afternoon they argued, tensions mounted, and Tom shot Lisa, killing her.


This event has shaken me to the core.  I remember Lisa as a beautiful woman trying very hard to balance a full life of family, work and community responsibilities. She was also working to get free; free of her conditioning and suffering.  We met during a six day Conscious Communications training. I remember her saying, "I wish I could get my husband Tom to come to something like this."


I have struggled with great feelings of loss, frustration and guilt.  I feel tremendous sadness for Lisa and her children, and compassion for Tom.  I can't imagine how much pain he must have been in, and remains. I have been asking myself, "What am I supposed to learn from this?"  I have been so confused. Through the din has come this wisdom; be kind, be compassionate, and understand that some are going through tremendous hardship.


We don't have control over what others do.  We can only try to be the love we wish to see in our world.  May Lisa, and prayerfully someday her family, find peace.

Love always,


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