Giving Thanks

November 26, 2015


Santosha one of the yogic Niyamas, or observations, means to practice gratitude and contentment.  Of course, sometimes we are not feeling either.  From a certain level of reality, however, we may see this disenchantment is due to an illusion, an attachment to a belief; that things need to be different from the way they are for us to be happy.



I try to noticing all the blessings in my life; sitting with and recognizing the amazing things and people, and how kind many have been to me.  This process seems to go on without end.  Then, I try noticing the challenges in my life; with work or health, with finances or people. This process takes much less time.  I begin to realize there are only a handful of things that I feel are genuine pressing challenges. 


The funny thing is, when I sit with the challenges longer I begin to see them as blessings too.  They are forcing me to grow, to see myself and my participation in creating or enabling them. I see how everything is changing and I have little control over it. I begin to relax into what is, and my role in the dance of life.  Patience and compassion start to grow and I feel my enemies becoming my friends too.


This is not meant to be dismissive. There are true challenges in many people's lives.  We should try to help others and ourselves, in what ways we can.  Practicing gratitude and contentment is a powerful way to shift our own consciousness, and create a more peaceful world for ourselves and each other.


I wish for you and yours many blessings this holiday season.

Love always,


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