Top 10 Reasons to Come to Mexico!

December 17, 2015


As you may know; I, along with Megan Moss Freeman, will be guiding a yoga retreat this winter, February 6-13, in Tulum Mexico.  As of today, we have a dozen great people signed up, and we have several spots left. So here, without further ado, are: 

The Top 10 Reasons why You should join us in Mexico!


10.The Caribbean in February! Need I say more? This is truly a tropical paradise; long white sand beaches, beautiful blue ocean, palm trees, warm breezes....

9. The Mayan Culture. Tulum is home to one of the oldest cultures in the Western Hemisphere.  There are many wonderful cultural ruins and sights to explore, as well as rituals and stories to share in from the local people.

8. Relax and Renew. This is a time for you to recharge and take care of yourself.  While there will be plenty of practices, personal explorations and activities available, this is essentially a time for you to nurture yourself; body, mind and spirit.

7. Feed your Body and Soul.  There will be two delicious and healthy meals served each day as part of our experience together.  Beyond this, there are wonderful restaurants and juice bars within walking distance of our resort.

6. Connect to Nature and the Elements.  The Divine is all around us! Constantly. We just forget sometimes.  In Tulum we will be outdoors (don't worry, there's plenty of shade) almost all the time!  Touching the earth, water, air and the warmth of the sun feeds us in such deep ways; we start to feel connected to nature and ultimately to ourselves.

5. Explore the Self.  This is the core of our experience together. Yoga and meditation are specifically designed to help us know and experience our true nature. This true self is free of worry, anxiety or guilt.  Come bask in this place of peace and stillness.

4. Explore your relationships.  The deepest yoga we can do is in relationship.  Relationships are the source of our greatest joys and challenges, on the physical plane, and a tremendous resource for self-awareness and growth.

3. Examine your belief systems and perspectives. Become aware of how your conditioning and experiences have shaped your perspectives, reactions and life.  Explore leverage opportunities to step back, watch, observe, and allow events to unfold in a more "meant to be" way.

2. Deepen your yoga and meditation practice.  Morning Sadhana, Workshops, Restorative Yoga, Yogic breathing, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and much more; with two dedicated teachers.  This will be an amazing experience of deepening your personal practice.

1. Develop deep and lasting friendships. There's something magical about going to a beautiful place, in the middle of the winter and working on yourself in the company of others.  It is exciting, sometimes scary and fun.  The friendships that form tend to connect genuinely and last a long time.

I remember one day last year, I was sitting on the beach between sessions and thought to myself, "This is so awesome! Why isn't everybody here?"  I know we can't all be there. There are many reasonable extenuating circumstances, but I truly hope you can join us and experience the magic of Tulum.

Many holiday blessings

Love always,


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