May the Heavens be reflected in the earth below, so that this healing medicine may encircle the world.  ~ Wai Khru Invocation


Tracing its roots back to the time and place of the awakened Buddha, Thai yoga or Thai massage has
been evolving for centuries in the northern provinces of Thailand. Blending the ancient wisdom of the East with Western scientific approaches to wellness, modern Thai Yoga is a sacred healing art with deep roots in Thai medicine, Buddhism and Yoga.


The intention of Thai Yoga is to restore balance and harmony within the physical body, the energy field within and around the body, the mind, emotions and spirit. Through a unique combination of healing modalities, Thai Yoga creates a powerful experience of easing tension, calming the mind, opening energy channels and releasing psychic blocks.


The practitioner utilizes various parts of their own body; hands, fingers, thumbs, elbows, arms, knees and feet. The Thai Yoga techniques of alignment, therapeutic stretching and acupressure are used to open the joints, muscles, connective tissues and internal organs. The result is a release of toxins, a calming of the nervous system, an increase in vital energy, along with a deep state of relaxation and well-being. The practice begins to unwind accumulated stress patterns in the mind and body, opening up new possibilities for healing and lifestyle modification.


I must give humble thanks to my teacher,
Jonas Westering for bringing these beautiful teachings to me and sharing them so graciously.


Thai Yoga sessions usually last 90 minutes and take place one-to-one in the privacy of a studio or a location of the client’s choice.