“In the path of our happiness shall we find the learning for which we have chosen this lifetime.”     ~Richard Bach


Yoga is much more than a wonderful way to become physically and emotionally

healthy, it is a path to our enlightenment and self-realization. Many people believe yoga is a form of exercise, here to help strengthen our body and become physically fit. Others believe it is here to help us relax and de-stress. It is these, but it is so much more.


Yoga, meaning to yoke or bring together, has been explored and practiced for thousands of years. It is ultimately intended to relieve suffering and raise consciousness. Patanjali, a great yogic saint, laid out an eight-fold path for us to explore and experience freedom from our fears, insecurities and suffering: From our everyday actions and behaviors, the yamas & niyamas, to postures, asana, to breath control, pranayama, to several stages of concentration and meditation; the Yoga Sutras form a beautiful tapestry of observations and practices that guide us toward liberation.


Transformational Yoga is any practice that takes us beyond; beyond our limited

awareness, that we are only physical beings and that through our mind and sheer fortitude we shall solve all our problems. Transformational yoga is a commitment to life and practice as essentially a spiritual journey; that all circumstances are a

gift, given as opportunities for us to grow, expand and become free beings. It is

motivated by a deep desire to be free of fear and live our lives more fully, honestly and in deep love and connection with ourselves, others and the world around us.